FIC matched, wife approved!

Tom Dorris of ECMTuning ran some tests on our new 1650cc high-z injectors in his Evolution 8, which is being tuned with ECMlink v3.  The car is stock except for a set of mild cams and is used as a daily commuter.  He noted how easy it was to get them installed with the given Data Match Technology sheet and how easily the car idled and drove on such a large injector.

Tom stated “I literally swapped the injectors in, punched the given numbers in, and fired the car up.”

After he swapped them in and fired it up, even his wife commented and approved of how well the car ran!  Both of their reactions along with how easy it was to install and configure the new 1650cc high-z injectors on a stock Evo 8 show how well this injector works, even on a milder setup.


Detailed data:

The graph data below from ECMlink shows the comparison of stock Evo 8 injectors (560cc) and our new 1650cc injectors.

When comparing the screenshots, Tom mentioned a few things to look at which show how well these larger injectors work in a stock commuter Evo 8.  All graphs show 20 second clips.

  • Idle RPM – Take a look at the three idle graphs below and note the RPM line (red in color).  Both the stock Evo 8 injectors and our 1650cc injectors have a very smooth and steady idle RPM.  The third idle graph shows what a poor injector idle looks like, which is very typical of a large injector.  The RPM value is not smooth and has swings from 776 to 1143 RPM.
  • Idle CombinedFT – This value (purple line) basically shows the combined total of what the ECU is doing with fuel trims at any given moment.  The target is to get this value as close to 0% as possible.  As you can see in the values below each graph, the Evo 8 and Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc high-z injectors both have a similar CombinedFT value, with the full range not making wild swings.  In contrast, the CombinedFT value in the poor idle graph swings wildly and at the marked point, is sitting far away from an ideal 0% value.  This is the most important value Tom looks at during idle tuning and was pleased to see it in spec.


Stock Evo 8 560cc idle


FIC 1650 idle


Poor injector idle


The following screenshots were taken during a cruise to illustrate how similar our new 1650cc high-z injectors perform in comparison to a stock set of Evo 8 injectors.  The logs were both taken around 50mph and as you can see the rest of the values are very similar.  The main values to focus on are CombinedFT and the FrontO2 swing.  The CombinedFT value for the stock Evo 8 injectors is very close to 0%, which, as we had mentioned before, is the target.  You can see a small variance in the 1650cc graph, but still in an acceptable range and very close to the stock idle.  Another data point is the FrontO2 sensor and how smooth and uniform it is cycling.  When comparing the two graphs, the cycles look very smooth with no erratic jumps or skips.  Tom was very happy to see how well the car reacted at cruise and how nicely the O2 sensor cycled.

Stock Evo 8 560cc cruise


FIC 1650 cruise

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