New 1650cc high-z dynamic slope flow at varying base pressures

We have fielded questions about how well our new 1650cc high-z injectors would flow at higher-than-stock base fuel pressures and wanted to put together a graph showing the flow at three of the most commonly used base fuel pressures.

On the graph below, the red line shows the dynamic slope flow rate at the most common base pressure, 43.5 psi or 3 bar (see Injector 1 flow rate of 1542cc/min in the Results table).  This is the pressure that all of our injectors are tested at to produce our Data Match Technology sheet that is included with each set.  The black line shows an increase to 58 psi (4 bar) resulting in a flow rate of 1754cc (Injector 2), while the yellow line shows an increase to 72.5 psi (5 bar) resulting in a flow rate of 1941cc.  You can see from the traces that these injectors are linear at all three fuel pressures and that the flow increase will not be compromised if you plan on running a higher base pressure.  Also noteworthy, the deadtime increases when the pressure rises (see Results table – far right column), which will need to be accounted for in your tune, but we’re sure most of you know this already.

We’ve been working with various tuners to develop the short pulse width tables for the factory ECU’s for this exciting new injector. Every ECU is a bit different so I’m sure there will be a lot of real world testing needed, but we are providing the data from graphs like this to improve the way the cars drive on these huge injectors.

And here is a video of our new 1650cc high-z injectors running smoothly at 80 psi base fuel pressure on a basic setup on a 1G DSM. These injectors rock!

Click Here for more info about the new Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc high impedance injectors and to see the wide list of applications these are available in, or give us a call at (561) 427-0082.



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