Fuel Injector Clinic launches BRZ/FR-S performance injector line

Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) is offering a new line of high performance, high impedance fuel injectors for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, ranging in size from 660cc/min to 2150cc/min.

One great benefit we love about these compact injectors: They fit perfectly into the BRZ/FR-S MPI fuel systems, making installation a breeze.

This new line of Fuel Injector Clinic high performance injectors is the perfect solution for the tuner looking to add even more power to the BRZ/FR-S.

Additionally, these latest technology saturated / high impedance injectors offer great linearity and short pulse width control for easy tuning. And, they provide great trailing throttle response and minimum pulse widths.

This new sport compact, which made Motor Trend’s short list for 2013 Car of the Year, uniquely combines direct injection and port injection technology.

“This dual fuel system will be great for the tuner industry while still passing all emissions standards AND providing fuel economy,” said Jens von Holten, head guy at Fuel Injector Clinic. “We can only hope that there will be more of this type of fuel solution coming out of the OE manufacturers.”

Fuel Injector Clinic supplies fuel injectors for import and domestic applications and offers full cleaning, calibrating and flow balancing for original equipment and aftermarket high performance top feed injectors. Fuel Injector Clinic offers modified and aftermarket fuel injectors for tuners, automotive enthusiasts, fast cars, and more as well as fuel rails, gauges and other accessories. Get performance fuel injectors and more now at  -- 561.427.0082. We Feed Speed! www.fuelinjectorclinic.com.



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Last update: Jan 19, 2013


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