Fuel Injector Clinic SP Line with ASNU technology hits the mark

Fuel Injector Clinic’s SP Line with ASNU’s propriety technology hits the mark with precisely controlled atomization

Now Available!! The Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) SP Line—a winning combination performance injector with ASNU’s proprietary diffuser plate and Fuel Injector Clinic’s Data Match Technology.

This saturated, high impedance ball & seat Injector, which is compatible with all race fuels, offers:

• An advanced spray pattern, as a result of ASNU’s proprietary diffuser plate, for precisely controlled atomization

This more uniform dispersion of fuel droplets means a better fuel/air mixture that burns more completely for improved cold starts, idle and fuel consumption.

• FIC’s Data Match Technology, a performance injector industry innovation

This Data Match sheet, which customers receive with each injector set, provides the most complete flow matching and latency value information available in the industry. It features dynamic slope flow rates and individual latency deviation for each serial numbered injector within each set.

Big benefit! When FIC’s Data Match Technology information is correctly input into your ECU, the data will allow the ECU to dictate PRECISELY the right amount of fuel to combine with the air in your intake port to consistently achieve the correct AFR, which means you’ll get more complete combustion in your cylinder.

“Early testing of these injectors has shown great results,” said Jens von Holten head guy at Fuel Injector Clinic. “We have a lot of exciting new injector developments on the horizon, including the larger versions of the SP line from ASNU.”

Currently, Fuel Injector Clinic’s SP Line is available in sizes up to 1050cc.

Fuel Injector Clinic is the official distributor of ASNU Performance Injectors in North America.

Fuel Injector Clinic offers performance injectors for import and domestic applications for the automotive aftermarket. For information on products and dealer programs, visit www.fuelinjectorclinic.com or contact us at info@fuelinjectorclinic.com or 561.427.0082. We Feed Speed!

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