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FIC sponsors the Wild Street class at World Cup Finals!

FIC had a great time as the class sponsor of the all-new Wild Street class at World Cup Finals this year. Seeing the huge variety of 7-second imports and domestics throwing down in our class is what this event is all about.

Watch our action-packed video here to relive one of the best...

Learn what separates Fuel Injector Clinic from the competition

Watch this video to learn more about what we do at Fuel Injector Clinic! 

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Static Flow vs. Dynamic Flow

Static flow (shown as “Design Flow” in green below on our Data Match Technology sheet) is based on industry standards.  This standard has traditionally come from companies only testing injectors in a static, or “always open”, state.  Consumers have become accustomed to these numbers...

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Do you know Fuel Injector Clinic?

I recently ran across a post on that surprised me. Contributor Black E, who posted information about our new 1650cc high impedance injectors, wrote:

"I was pleasantly surprised that when I opened the box from FIC they included a data...

New 1650cc high-z dynamic slope flow at varying base pressures

We have fielded questions about how well our new 1650cc high-z injectors would flow at higher-than-stock base fuel pressures and wanted to put together a graph showing the flow at three of the most commonly used base fuel pressures.

On the graph below, the red line shows the dynamic...

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Tom Dorris of ECMTuning ran some tests on our new 1650cc high-z injectors in his Evolution 8, which is being tuned with ECMlink v3.  The car is stock except for a set of mild cams and is used as a daily commuter.  He noted how easy it was to get them installed with the given Data Match...

New Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc high impedance injectors idling in a stock 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X GSR.

The car was started using the data provided from Fuel Injector Clinic's Data Match Technology. After just a few minutes of fine tuning to account for normal variances from vehicle to...

Our new 1650cc high impedance injectors are here!

Exciting News! The FIC 1650 High Impedance perforamance injector is here!

Fuel Injector Clinic’s (FIC) 1650cc high impedance performance injector is now available.

At 1650cc/min, this Bosch EV14-based injector:

• Is the highest flowing high impedance performance injector...