Fuel Injector Flow Testing


Fuel Injector Clinic can help you make sure your fuel injectors are operating properly! Just fill out a simple form and send us your injectors (see ‘Mailing Instructions’ at the bottom of this page.)

Please make sure to include the Injector Service Form below with your injectors to prevent any delays during the injector servicing (see ‘Mailing Instructions’ at the bottom of this page.)

The cost for flow testing is $15.00 per injector.

Please note that Fuel Injector Clinic services top-feed port fuel injectors only.

Fuel injector flow testing includes the following:

  • Leak inspection: All injectors are meticulously inspected for leaks both on the injector body and at the output nozzle. An injector that is leaking from the nozzle usually requires a simple cleaning to operate properly.

  • Ohm testing: A simple test to verify the condition of the injector coil, we test the resistance (measured in Ohms) across the terminals of the injector connector.

  • Spray pattern verification: During the flow test, our techs evaluate the spray pattern of your injectors. If there are deposits on the nozzle the spray pattern can be adversely affected – this can be corrected by cleaning the injectors.

  • Pulse Operation: Our techs test your injectors at pulse widths ranging from idle to full-throttle operation. Any abnormalities will be noted and discussed with you.

  • Flow rate verification:  Even if the spray pattern isn’t affected by deposits, it is still possible for internal deposits and/or corrosion to cause variations in flow rate. If your injectors do not flow the correct amount OR match each other well, a cleaning will typically correct the imbalance.

  • Flow data sheet: You will receive a flow sheet which contains flow data from the test. See the example data sheet.

  • Seal replacement: We replace all standard injector seals - please make sure you include the injector seals with your injectors so that we can match the seals that fit your vehicle.

MAILING INSTRUCTIONS: Be sure to send in a completed service form in the package* with your externally clean, dry, carefully packed fuel injectors. The injectors should be packaged so that they can't move around and damage each other. Dusty or greasy injectors increase service times since they must be externally cleaned before testing - a little brake cleaner goes a long way! If you have a set of our injectors, our original box is an excellent way to get them back to us and fits perfectly into a USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box.                      

*In order to reduce turnaround time, Fuel Injector Clinic suggests USPS Priority Mail flat rate as the fastest most cost effective shipping method. Don’t forget the insurance!

RETURN SHIPPING: Fuel Injector Clinic uses USPS Priority Mail service with insurance and tracking unless otherwise requested. All return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Typical cost for return shipping a set of four injectors via USPS Priority Mail to an address in the US with $300 insurance is between $12 and $16. You will receive your tracking information at the E-mail address listed on your service form.

* Policy on unclaimed items: Please note that unclaimed items will be held for a maximum period of 3 months from the date of receipt. After this period, we reserve the right to dispose of the items. To avoid any inconvenience, we encourage customers to claim their items promptly. Additionally, it is important to be aware that we do not cover replacements for items that remain unclaimed beyond the 3-month period. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these policies.