SUB 1440

Thanks for choosing Fuel Injector Clinic injectors for your Subaru vehicle.

The tabled injector data provided in the excel sheet that you can download by following the link on the right are customized to be used by Cobb or other flash software in the OE  Subaru ECU’s. 

We have spent many hours to convert our standard injector offset and flow data provided with every set into this format for your ease of use, so we hope that it makes our injectors a popular choice for you and your customers (if you are a tuner or performance shop)!

There are a few notes that we would like to highlight when using these tables.

1.     You need to make sure you choose the correct table for the size of injector that you are using. i.e. 775cc, 1000cc, 2150cc, etc.

2.      Please note that we have listed data for 3 bar (43.5psi) and 4 bar (58psi) base fuel pressures since those are the most commonly used fuel pressures. If you are running a different base fuel pressure, you can interpolate between the values or contact us for data at higher pressures. Please note that it may take a while to build additional data and that there may be cost involved.

3.      We have provided scalars for both pump gasoline (E10) and E85 for your convenience, but these values should only be used as good starting guidelines since there is some variance in the ethanol content of both fuels, and other variables in your motor setup may mean that you need to refine these values in your tune.

4.       Please realize that the values in the tables are carefully chosen from data for a median set. What that means is that we will have tested a large group of injectors (usually 50 or more) and then picked a set in the middle of that group. We then tested that complete set through the range of pressures and voltages listed in the OE tables and then populate the attached tables based on the average values of that median set of injectors.

          *Note that the values in the attached tables are averages, and that the set you receive may need small adjustments to correct the values for your particular set.